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Why I Enjoy Being an Early Startup Employee

I told myself I wasn’t going to get involved in another startup while looking for work last year. My parents and family had been nagging me to just find a stable job at a large company and I was headed in that direction. That all changed when I met with one of the co-founders of Written about doing some development work and possibly becoming the startup’s first employee. People warned me against joining a startup this early and shared their bad experiences with me but I could sense that the startup had a real potential to be a rocket ship so I had to get on.

2013: The Year I Embraced Risk and Learned From Failure

2013 was quite a year for me. At the beginning of the year, my life was finally starting to settle down after all the excitement of getting my own place and entering the world of startups. Little did I know that 2013 would bring even more changes to my life with the opportunity to take quite a few risks, some that paid off and some that didn't. Looking back, these were the major parts of the year that stood out to me.

AngelHack Postmortem

About 2 weeks ago I participated in the Austin stop of the AngelHack competition and I've been thinking a lot about my experience since it was my first public hackathon. I thought I would jot down some thoughts and couldn't think of a better way to share them than to start a blog.